Tackling with KHV, SVC

We apply triple standard, triple blockade to prevent any fish disease from Narita Koi Farm Co.,Ltd. which covers supply from the breeders, sale, shipment.

1. Supply
We are supplied only the fish in healthy, good condition from famous breeders throughout Japan with KHV/SVC test and certificate of negative result, no fish otherwise in our farm.
2. Receive
After receiving above fish, we break every fish down into each pond respectively upon breeders, date of receiving ..so on
Seperating those fish in quarantine house to check the condition for at least 3 weeks.
3. Treatment after receiving fish
We ask competent authority to test for KHV, SVC on regular basis.
We sell and ship only the fish in safe and healthy.
In Narita Koi Farm Co.,Ltd. only the fish which is going through tripple check system and which turn out to be in safe and healthy is on sale to you. You do not have to worry about our fish in this regards.