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5th ridge House pond

5th ridge House pond for Tosai (1year old)

The house ponds in which high quality Tosai are available for sale seperated in each indivisual breeders respectively.
Tosai fish are mostly on demand and we are supplied Tosai from Autumn to Spring nearly every week, so we put these Tosai fish to 20 of 5 tons ponds as 5 tons pond is easier to make management.(with Bio-filter system).
Likewise, as for Heating equipment, we set up with Titanium Heat exchange system which makes it available to breed Tosai fish that is difficult to get over the Winter under the temperature between 20℃ and 25℃until spring.
We can keep your tosai fish after sale and breed them if you wish when you think it is difficult for you to breed by yourselves.

Details of equipment on 5th ridge House Pond
> 5 tons ponds×20(Bio-filter system)